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X Japan will appear at Music Station on February 24th, just a week before their concert in London, UK.
Other artists on Music Station will be HKT48, Exile The Second, Shisamo, Hirai Ken, Hey! Say! JUMP and LiSA.

Source: TV Asahi

Posted: February 20th, 2017


‘We are X’ in Japan and UK Cinemas & Soundtrack Release


On January 25th, Yoshiki made a bunch of announcements on his niconico channel regarding ‘We are X’.

The movie will finally be shown in Japanese cinemas starting on March 3rd. It will also start in UK cinemas later that month. There are plans to show it in South Korea, Taiwan, Germany and Australia, according to the Japanese press.

Simultaneously, the ‘We are X’ soundtrack will be released as a 2-disc album and is already available for preorder! While we already know the majority of the songs, it will also include ‘La Venus’ which Yoshiki wrote for the documentary film. Both ‘La Venus’ and ‘Without You’ were re-recorded in 2017 exclusively for the soundtrack. The Japanese version of the album will also contain two bonus songs.

WE ARE X Soundtrack Track List
1. La Venus (Acoustic Version)*
2. Kurenai (from The Last Live)
3. Forever Love
4. A Piano String in Es Dur
5. Dahlia
6. Crucify My Love
7. Xclamation
8. Standing Sex (from X Japan Returns)
9. Tears
10. Longing / Setsubo-no-yoru
11. Art of Life (3rd Movement)
12. Endless Rain (from The Last Live)
13. X (from The Last Live)
14. Without You (Unplugged)
* New Recording 2017, Soundtrack Exclusive

Japan Bonus:
1. Rusty Nail (from Dahlia Tour Final)
2. Forever Love (from The Last Live)

Where to order:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Germany
Amazon Japan
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Posted: January 26th, 2017

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X Japan & Yoshiki End of Year Summary


The end of the year got busy for X Japan and Yoshiki! Here is a small overview of their December schedule.

It started with the TV shows NHK Songs on December 17th and Music Station Super Live December 23rd, where they presented the full band version of their new song La Venus. You can watch a preview of the song on Youtube. The second appearance has been without Sugizo, who had to play with Luna Sea on December 23rd and 24th.

On December 29th, Yoshiki was supposed to play his Yoshiki Classical Special concert in Hong Kong at Asia World Expo. As we reported earlier, there had been problems with the promoter having not gotten the necessary entertainment license for the concert which resulted in the event being cancelled only a few hours before it was supposed to happen.  Yoshiki therefore proposed doing the concert for free the next day (December 30th) and refunded the 5000 tickets. Additionally, the original ticket holders were able to bring one person along, which resulted in a total of 6000 attendants and required adjusting the stage plan accordingly. The concert setlist could be played as planned and they added “Hoi Fut Tin Hung” by the band Beyond from Hong Kong.

Finally, on December 31st, X Japan performed at Kouhaku Utagassen on NHK and greeted the New Year on a special broadcast on Niconico.

With a turbulent year coming to an end, we are looking forward to their activities in 2017. First, Toshi is currently playing New Year concerts from January 6th to 9th.

Next, Yoshiki will play Yoshiki Classical Special together with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra at New York’s Carnegie Hall on January 12th and 13th. (Tickets for Jan 12th and Jan 13th, VIP)

On March 4th, X Japan will take the stage at SSE Wembley Arena in London. The London concert, originally planned for March 12th 2016, had to be postponed to 2017 because of guitarist Pata’s health. (Tickets here)

NHK Songs

  • Born to be free
  • X
  • Tears
  • La Venus

Music Station Super Live

  • Silent Jealousy
  • La Venus

Kouhaku Utagassen

  • Kurenai

YOSHIKI CLASSICAL in Hong Kong cancelled – free concert announced


Due to a problem that the promoter didn’t apply for the Entertainment license that was necessary to perform the show, the YOSHIKI CLASSICAL CONCERT in Hong Kong, that was planned for yesterday Dec. 29th, had to be cancelled in last minute.

Yoshiki and his management tried everything to make the concert take place but unfortunately the problems couldn‘t been solved that fast, so Yoshiki appeared in front of the waiting audience and invited them for a special event that will take place today on Dec. 30th.

As there has been a lot of confusion at the location yesterday, here is an official summary of yesterdays events and information for the ticket holders.




YOSHIKI Announces a Free Concert to Take Place the Following Day!!

Dec. 29th (Thu) Hong Kong – The Yoshiki Classical Special feat. Orchestra in Hong Kong, scheduled to take place the evening of Thursday, December 29th at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, was cancelled two hours before the show.

The cancellation was due to an oversight by the promoter in applying for the Entertainment License necessary to perform the show. The announcement was made at the venue’s discretion during the concert rehearsal that was being watched by fans who had purchased the VIP package.

While the local promoter profusely apologized to Yoshiki for her mistake, Yoshiki took into account the scope of the situation and negotiated directly with the venue himself. A press conference immediately followed to announce that ticket purchases would be refunded, and that Yoshiki will conduct a free concert as a private event for not only his fans in Hong Kong, but for those who traveled from mainland China, Europe, and Japan.

The series of events that took place from local time 7PM on the 29th was broadcast live on NicoNico Douga’s Yoshiki Channel. The morning of December 30th, Yoshiki appeared live in front of the camera to tell his fans what had occurred the prior evening. While the ongoing negotiation with Puffin Entertainment continues, the local staff are working tirelessly through the night to accommodate the needs of the many performers who travelled from across the world, including 2 singers who travelled from the U.S. and were scheduled to appear in the concert.

Yoshiki was due to return to Japan on December 30th to attend the rehearsal of NHK’s “Kohaku Uta Gassen”, Japan’s largest live TV music show of the year, but he adjusted his schedule accordingly to not disappoint his fans. Yoshiki will return to Japan on December 31st to make it to the “Kohaku” event.

Statement from Puffin Entertainment, Ltd.
On behalf of the organizer, Puffin Entertainment Ltd., we deeply apologize for the postponing of the December 29, 2016 concert at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena to the following day. This is due to the oversight of the application for the Entertainment License, which must be presented to the venue by our company. This is totally Puffin Entertainment’s fault.
Yoshiki has arrived in Hong Kong and has prepared his best to perform at the concert.
This cancellation is not in any way related to him. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience we have caused.
Irene Sit,
Puffin Entertainment Ltd.

YOSHIKI’s Facebook Comment
My dear fans,
Let me explain what happened with my concert tonight. 2 hours before the show, the promoter in Hong Kong told me they realized that they failed to apply for a license for tonight’s show. And told me that I needed to cancel the show. I was really confused for a moment. The promoter really apologized to me. Then I proposed, what if I were to play a private show for free for my fans, who were already at the venue tonight, Can the venue allow me to play? After a long negotiation, the venue said they will allow me to play tomorrow night. So I will play a show in Hong Kong for the people who already have tickets for free. All tickets will be honored and refunded. In order for us to make up for any inconveniences, each ticket holder can bring one extra friend as a guest (Tickets will be refunded regardless). We’ll try to accommodate anyway we can, even changing the stage plan. Again I’m really sorry for what has happened tonight. I hope you understand and can make it tomorrow night. Thank you.

Venue: Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong
Date: Friday, December 30th
Entrance Eligibility: People who purchased “Yoshiki Classical Feat. Orchestra in Hong Kong” which was scheduled to take place December 29th plus a guest.
Yoshiki Classical ticket Hotline: +852 65375134 Email: puffininfo@gmail.com

Source: Official Press Release


Posted: December 30th, 2016

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X JAPAN @ Music Station Super Live


For the 3rd time in a row, X JAPAN will appear at Music Station Super Live. The show will be aired on TV Asahi on December 23rd from 7:00 pm until 11:00 pm.

More Information

Posted: December 20th, 2016

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