Ra:IN signing session at the Japan Expo in Paris on 3rd July!


As you probably know, Ra:IN will be playing at the Japan Expo in Paris on 3rd July 2009.

Today, Japan-Expo.com released the full program of the event. There will be a signing session just before Ra:IN’s concert. It’ll take place at 2.30pm in the “Dédicaces” room number 1 and will be one hour long.

Also, the concert will start at 5.10pm at the J.E. Live House and will last about 40 minutes.

Make sure to be there and rock even more than last year!!!

Posted: June 26th, 2009

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Ra:IN additional FREE show in Warszawa!


Some express news for Ra:IN fans in Poland!
Ra:IN added another FREE show scheduled for today in the Hyrozagadka Club in Warszawa, Poland! It will start on 8 pm.

So everyone who’s close to it and crazy enough to decide NOW for going, there’s still 1 hour left! :D
Those who go to see it: Enjoy that show!

Source: www.myspace.com/rainwebspace

Posted: June 23rd, 2009

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Ra:IN live in Rome, Italy setlist !


Yesterday (June 18th), Ra:IN started their European tour with their first concert in Rome. Although there could have been more people attending to watch the show, the atmosphere still was a great one! The crowd was screaming and yelling to welcome the band!
Several merchandise was available at the show, like the METAL BOX Album, their new EP Exclusive, towels, posters, t-shirts and jewelry!
A member of Xplosion visited Ra:INs show in Rome and will report about it soon! So please check back!

Set list:

02. Under The Technopolis
03. Crying!
04. Key in ~ Happy
05. Psychogenic
06. Dr in ~ Indicator To The Future
07. Circle
08. SE ~ Free
09. In The Mirror
10. Revival
11. Wish
EN01. Summer Of Love

Posted: June 19th, 2009


The Killing Red Addiction Live in LA


It was just announced on TAIJI’s Players Future blog, that the postponed concert  of his new band The Killing Red Addicition in Los Angeles, Whisky A Go Go will take place already this month   on June 22nd! ROCK’N ROLL for everyone who gets the chance to see him there!

Posted: June 18th, 2009


YOSHIKI Biography and offers for Shanghai Expo

YOSHIKI Biography and offers for Shanghai Expo

YOSHIKI is pretty busy apparently. Nothing new, though.
There’s a lot going on around him lately.

After the publication of his biography “YOSHIKI/佳樹”, the book hit bestseller scores in a flash that way, that it was temporarily difficult to order a copy right the same week when it was published.

That’s not everything, though. After the book was released YOSHIKI received a request for a movie based on his biography. Let’s see where that will lead… We are curious!

Futhermore, it was apparently considered by the publisher Kadokawa Shôten that there may be a Chinese and English version of the book! So there’s hope that non-japanese-speaking fans will have the chance to read this book, as well.

Aside from YOSHIKI’s biography (and the trouble he caused while appearing for signing sessions in book stores in Japan, since the capacity of the book stores wasn’t prepared for the mass of fans who came to see him) it became also known that X JAPAN received a request to appear as opening act of the Shanghai World Expo in 2010 and again, it was YOSHIKI who was asked to compose a theme song for the expo. Maybe (but that’s pure speculation) as a link to Aichi Expo in 2005 where he also contributed the theme song “I’ll be your love”.



Posted: June 18th, 2009


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