YOSHIKI Jewelry Party – X heading to USA


Yesterday (February 26th), YOSHIKI presented a new collection of “YOSHIKI Jewelry” during a press party in Tokyo. Around 120 people addended and also SUGIZO was as guest there.
During the party YOSHIKI announced X JAPAN’s plans to start their overseas carreer in the USA properly and therefore the band plans to play in local livehouses in Los Angeles as a step to fulfill X JAPAN’s dream to take over the world.
At last, YOSHIKI on his crystal piano and SUGIZO on violin played “Forever Love” together for the attending fans.

It seems like this is a huge milestone in X JAPAN’s history and there’s nothing left to say but to wish every member good luck and success in future. Let’s help X to take over the world, X fans!!

Daily Sports Online, Natalie.mu , Oricon, Sanspo

Here you can find photos of the party:
wireimage (registration required)

Posted: February 27th, 2010

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ToshI LAST CONCERT [武士JAPAN] – Concert Review


Ivy had the opportunity to visit ToshI’s last concert [武士JAPAN] and was so nice to give us a wonderful review. This is a great insight into the concert, how the atmosphere was and how everyone – both the members and fans have felt. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see this live with your own eyes, the review will give you an idea how it was. You’ll find the review here in our ‘report’-section – enjoy!

Posted: February 26th, 2010

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ToshI LAST CONCERT set list and photos!


ToshI’s Sayonara Concert sure wasn’t a normal solo concert! While performing the 4 songs of his new album, the concert was also full special version of the other X members’ solo works. With ToshI on vocals! We really hope there will be a way for the people outside of Japan to listen to those songs aswell. Just have a look on the set list, it really makes one curious, doesn’t it?

01. made in HEAVEN (ToshI on Piano)
02. Dear LIFE (Song by SUGIZO – ToshI, SUGIZO)
03. Haru no ibuki (ToshI, SUGIZO, PATA)
04. Story of a young boy (Song by PATA – ToshI, PATA, HEATH)
05. Eagle Sniper (Song by HEATH – ToshI, PATA, HEATH)
06. Airport (ToshI, SUGIZO, PATA, HEATH)
08. Unnamed Song (Song by YOSHIKI, Violet UK – ToshI, YOSHIKI, SUGIZO)
09. Amaoto (ToshI, YOSHIKI, SUGIZO)
10. Forever Love (X JAPAN)
11. Endless Rain (X JAPAN)
12. Say Anything (SE)

You can also find a lot of really cool pictures on those websites!

Wireimage (registration required)

Posted: February 24th, 2010

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TAIJI with HEAVEN’S 1st Album also available overseas


It has been announced on TAIJI’s official players blog that TAIJI with HEAVEN’S 1st album is now also available overseas!
There are two possibilities to order: Either you use the shopping cart method as it is usual on websites to order your items, or, if you don’t understand Japanese, the website Brand X offers the opportunity to place your order through E-mail.
An explanation how to order the album you can find here: http://www.brand-x.jp/page/44
Here you can find the TAIJI with HEAVEN’S Album: http://www.brand-x.jp/product/4563

Note: If you want to order the album, please read the instruction carefully to avoid misunderstandings!

Posted: February 21st, 2010

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Ra:IN South American Tour 2010 Postponed


Bad news for all Ra:IN fans in South America and California: According to Ra:IN’s official website the Ra:IN South American Tour 2010 is postponed due to some problems with the local promoter. However, the negotiation with RAGE TOUR still goes on to set up a new plan for the tour.
Due to those circumstances the gig in Los Angeles is also postponed
Ra:IN and their staff apologize to the fans and ask them for their understanding and some more patience.

Posted: February 13th, 2010

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