LUNA SEA World Tour recap and future plans


In a few hours, LUNA SEA will be playing the last concert after 5 more than busy weeks. Starting with their first Europe Concert on November 27th in Germany, they started a marathon of concerts all around the world, with shows in the US, Hong Kong and Taiwan, followed by two regular shows in Tokyo Dome on December 23th and 24th, during which they played the new songs “Maria” and “Days of Repetetion”. As a big christmas gift to all their fans, they added a third show on December 25th: A revival of their old times as LUNACY, in Tokyo Dome, for free! But even though this certainly was a highlight, that still wasn’t all, and they added two further Count Down concerts on December 30th and 31st. (You can check out the set-lists of their Tokyo Dome concerts here.)

If you couldn’t make it to their World Tour concerts, or want to relive them, you should mark March 30th in your diary. That day multiple DVD/Blue-Ray releases will hit the market. A DVD about their oversea shows, including documentary footage, a DVD of their two Tokyo Dome shows, as well as one of their LUNACY gig!
CDJapan is open for preorders and you can already watch parts of the documentary on NHK’s special website.

Furthermore LUNA SEA will make a self-cover of their first self-titled album “LUNA SEA”, which was originally released under YOSHIKI’s Extasy Records label. Sale starts on March 16th.

Aside of LUNA SEA’s various activities, SUGIZO and RYUICHI are also collaborating with m.o.v.e. and will create the theme song called “oveRtaKerS” for the movie Gakudori which will also come out in spring 2011.

Sources: Barks, LUNA SEA Facebook, Tokyograph, Avex

Posted: December 31st, 2010

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New X JAPAN Song “Scarlet Love Song”


YOSHIKI’s latest Twitter message, saying nothing else than “Buddha!!!!!!!!!!!!!” without out any explanation, left the fans puzzled. Now Sanspo cleared up the mystery!

As mentioned before, X JAPAN are working on a new song for a movie, which now turned out to be an anime movie called “BUDDHA” by Warner Bros. and it will hit the (japanese) movie theatres on 28th May 2011. The new ballad’s name is “Scarlet Love Song”.

BUDDHA is an anime based on the manga series with of the same title written by the famous artist Osamu Tezuka. You can already watch a trailer on the movie’s official website.

You can already listen to parts of “Scarlet Love Song” on the just uploaded new movie trailer! Enjoy! :)

Source: Sanspo

Posted: December 16th, 2010

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SUGIZO Interview online!


As we already mentioned before, we got the chance to interview SUGIZO the day before LUNA SEA’s first concert of their World Tour and to talk about music, LUNA SEA and his future plans. Even though the band had a very tight schedule and had just arrived in Germany few hours ago, he took his time to reply to our questions wholeheartedly. We hope you’ll enjoy reading!

Click here to read the interview!

Posted: December 5th, 2010

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ToshI feat. YOSHIKI Dinner Concert Updates


As we reported a few weeks ago, ToshI feat. YOSHIKI will hold an exclusive Dinner Concert together with famous chef Mikuni Kiyomi in Tokyo on January 24th and 25th

More details have become known since then, among others that only 2000 guests will be accepted for the event and tickets for this highly exclusive evening will range from 45.000Yen to 100.000Yen. (That equals about 400€-900€ or 530$-1200$) Accompanied by a 30-member orchestra, they will perform songs of ToshI’s “Bushi Japan” album, as well as the new “ToshI feat. YOSHIKI” songs like “Crystal Piano no kimi” and X JAPAN’s ballads. For the first time, they will also do a duet with both of them playing a crystal piano.

Around the same time, they plan to release “Crystal Piano no Kimi” and “Aisuru hito yo”, which was originally written by YOSHIKI for a TV movie and sung by Masafumi Akigawa.

Source: Sanspo, BARKS

Posted: December 2nd, 2010

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