New Luna Sea Single “THE ONE – crash to create -“


After 12 long years, Luna Sea is finally releasing a brand-new single on March 21st – and the title song will be no less than 20 minutes long! Another special is that the single will come out as normal CD, high quality CD, 5.1ch surround and in a set of all those versions together.

A exclusive trial listening event named “Full Moon Contact ‘The One’ ” will take place on March 8th at United Cinemas Toyosu in Tokyo and will be live-streamed on Ustream and Nico Nico Live at 9pm Japanese Time (That’s 1pm in Paris/Berlin and 7am in New York). Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to the new song before release!


NEW SINGLE “THE ONE – crash to create – ”

Complete Limited Edition | Special Analog Premium Package Version
8,800 Yen
3 CD- Set of All Versions (SACD-Hybrid) + 1 DVD
[Special Bonus] Clear board with lyrics / 5.1ch surround version in DVD
*5.1ch surround version DVD is not a video clip, but the song playing in still scenes

SACD-Hybrid (High Quality 5.1ch Surround CD Version)
YICQ-10227 1,890 Yen
(*For 5.1ch surround quality, SACD player is required)

HQCD (High Quality Stereo CD Version)
YICQ-10228 1,575 Yen

Normal CD Version
YICQ-10229 1,260 Yen

Posted: March 7th, 2012

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X JAPAN are nominated for the “Revolver Golden Gods” Metal Award!


The Hard-Rock and Heavy-Metal magazine “Revolver” is hosting it’s yearly “Golden Gods” awards again on April 11th. This year X JAPAN are nominated as “Best International Band” alongside giants like Sepulture, Lacuna Coil and Rammstein.

To vote, visit the the awards’ website here!

Posted: March 3rd, 2012

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