Promotion Event for “Yoshiki Classical” at Grammy Museum (Los Angeles)


On August 26th, just one day before the release of YOSHIKI’s new classical album, there will be a special event taking place at the Grammy Museum in Los angeles (USA.)
And the best thing – you can be there, too!

The event will be open to fans and ticket sales will start soon. Please refer to the Official Website for more information!

YOSHIKI will perform live for the audience and will take questions from them. Also, there will be a discussion with the Vice President of the GRAMMY Foundation, revealing more about new album.

Posted: July 23rd, 2013

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New classical album by YOSHIKI on 27th August 2013


On 27th August 2013, a new classical album by YOSHIKI will be released. Being entitled “Yoshiki Classical” it seems to be a best-of album of his classical music pieces to this day.

It contains not only classical arrangements of older songs, but also completely new material.
Here is the track-list is it appears in the teaser video for the new release:

• Seize the Light (Classical Version)
Golden Globe Theme
• Tears (Classical Version)
• Red Christmas (Classical Version)
Rosa (Quartet Version)
• Anniversary
• Forever Love (Classical Version)
• I’ll be your Love (Classical Version)
• Amethyst
Golden Globe Theme (Quartet Version)

*Miracle is the new X JAPAN concert opening song, you can listen to it on YOSHIKI’s SoundCloud!

Digital Release: 27th August 2013
In-Store Release: 24th September 2013

More Information on the Official Website Yoshiki Classical.

Posted: July 23rd, 2013

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