Yoshiki Classical – Tokyo and Osaka Summary


Yesterday, Yoshiki successfully completed his Yoshiki Classical Tour Part I in Osaka! During his first solo world tour, he visited 10 counties countries and held 13 concerts. We hope a lot of you were able to enjoy the concerts!

It seems like he is only getting started, though, as he already announced a row of upcoming events, such as his participation at Paris’ Japan Expo in 2 weeks and the Dinner Shows in Tokyo in August.

Here are some details from his Japan shows.

Again, Yoshiki was welcomed by his fans – and press teams – at his arrival at Narita Airport. From there he took a helicopter to Tokyo. There seems to be a great atmosphere on the way to Osaka by bullet train, traveling together with his staff and musicians.

He played “Furusato” in Tokyo, which means “Homeland” and is a traditional japanese folk song. In Osaka he performed “Osaka de Umareta Onna”, a folk song from the last 70ies.

During the first act of his Tokyo concert, all X JAPAN members appeared on stage. Sadly they didn’t perform together, but made an announcement for concerts in Japan this autumn!

Posted: June 18th, 2014

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Yoshiki Dinner Show in Tokyo on August 15th and 16th


It seem like – despite worsening tendovaginitis due to the numerous concerts lately – Yoshiki won’t take it easy for too long and already announced dinner shows on August 15th and 16th! They will take place at Hyatt Hotel Tokyo.

No details yet – but we can only imagine something exceptional!

Posted: June 17th, 2014

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Yoshiki Classical Asian Tour Summary


Tomorrow and the day after, Yoshiki Classical will reach the final concerts in Tokyo and Osaka. Time to wrap up his activities in Asia!

At each location, his fans had the chance to welcome him to their city.

He didn’t play Anniversary in China due to political reasons, but in Shanghai he performed “Shui Diao Ge Tou“, a traditional chinese melody and in Beijing “You and Me“, the Theme Song of the Olympics in Beijing 2008.

In Bangkok fans enjoyed singing along to “Duan Phen“, which is a traditional Thai folk song, that Yoshiki also played during the X Japan concert there in 2011.

Yoshiki arrived in Taipei some days earlier to visit Kiko’s Diner, a Sanrio-themed restaurant, and to hold a press conference the day before the concert, where he, as well as his vocalist and string players, were interviewed. At his concert he played “U Ia Hue“, a taiwanese folk song, for his audience.

Yoshiki at Japan Expo – Schedule for July 4th and 5th


Fans had been waiting eagerly for Yoshiki’s schedule at Japan Expo ever since he announced his appearance there. Now it was finally published!

On July 4th from 14:00 till 14:45 he will perform at Japan Expo’s very own “Live House”! Make sure to line up early – we are speaking from our own experience.

And on July 5th from 11:15 till 12:30 he will hold a conference on Japan Expo Stage. Let’s hope he will announce what we are hoping for…! ;)

There should be a signing session at some point, too, but there isn’t any information about it yet.

Posted: June 12th, 2014

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YOSHIKI Classical Tokyo concert will be aired live in cinemas


At the end of his world tour YOSHIKI will also perform two concerts in Japan, on June 16th 2014 in Tokyo and on June 17th 2014 in Osaka.

Unfortunately a big number of Japanese fans won’t have the opportunity to attend one of his live shows. Only one fan of 300 applicants, who had been chosen by lottery, had the chance to buy a ticket. Both selected venues are classical concert halls with a small capacity considering the high demand. At “Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre” there are approx. 2000 seats and at “The Symphony Hall” in Osaka even just approx. 1700.

For those who weren’t among the lucky fans who got a ticket, it was announced that the Tokyo concert will be aired live in 32 cinemas all around the country, with ticket prices of 3280¥ (about 27€ or 37$.)

Posted: June 10th, 2014

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