New hide album including unreleased song „Co Gal“


To celebrate hide’s 50th anniversary, a new Best Of album will be released on December 10th, a few days before his birthday. But this album comes with a big special – it will include the yet unreleased song „Co Gal“.

Only a very rough recording of the song’s vocals existed so far, but with the help of Vocaloid technology, I.N.A. (a member of hide’s solo projects) was able to complete the song. The original demo version of “Co Gal” will be included on the limited editon.

All other songs on the album have also been remastered.

You can already preorder the regular edition or the limited edition including a DVD on CDJapan!

Update: More details on The Wall Street Journal.

Posted: October 23rd, 2014

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YOSHIKI to appear at Comikaze in Los Angeles


Now that X JAPAN’s concert at Madison Square Garden was successfully finished, the members have time for different things again. YOSHIKI will appear at Comikaze Expo on November 2nd to talk about music and how comic influenced his life.

“Stanlee’s Comikaze” convention is not only limited to comic but also includes video games, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and more. More information on the convention’s website.

After he appeared at Dreamforce 2014 Conference in San Francisco on October 15th, YOSHIKI had been traveling to Hong Kong and Singapore afterwards. Apparently there is something coming up in Asia…!

Posted: October 21st, 2014

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Symphonic Luna Sea -Reboot- to be released on November 26th


2014 seems to be the year of classical music here on Xplosion. After YOSHIKI going on world tour with his “Yoshiki Classical” program and Sugizo releasing a selection of handpicked classical pieces, Luna Sea are the next in line.

Ikuro Fujiwara wrote arrangements of Luna Sea’s music for the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and the results can be listened to on their new CD “Symphonic Luna Sea -Reboot” which will hit the shelved on November 26th.

The tracklist of the new album hasn’t been revealed yet, but we expect some of their new songs on it, too. Back in 1994/1995, Luna Sea did two “Symphonic Luna Sea” albums, performed by The Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ikuro Fujiwara also worked together with YOSHIKI for his Eternal Melody II album, and conducted the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra at YOSHIKI’s Symphonic concert in 2002.


The tracklist for “Symphonic Luna Sea -Reboot” had been published!

• 乱 (RUN)
• gravity
• absorb
• I for You
• Grace

ToshI to perform Christmas live in Osaka


Basking in the afterglow of X JAPAN’s concerts at Yokohama Arena, ToshI announced that he will perform a Christmas live show at a restaurant in Osaka, produced by Chef Mikuni. Some of you might have seen he had appeared in a TV show which introduced the restaurant.
The details of the show haven’t been announced yet, but it is likely to be accompanied with lunch or dinner.

Date: December 6th (Sat) and 7th (Sun)
Venue: Shunkoku Shunsai

Posted: October 3rd, 2014


Upcoming X JAPAN Documentary starts production on October 11th


Did you ever catch yourself wondering, how X JAPAN is just so full of drama, that it almost seems like a movie script? You are not the only one:  Award-winning producer John Battsek and director Stephen Kijak are getting ready to start filming their feature documentary movie about X JAPAN!

While no details are announced yet, beside the filming starting at X JAPAN’s concert at Madison Square Garden on October 11th, having a closer look on the people involved is certainly raising our expectations.

John Battsek worked as a executive producer on “Searching for Sugar Man” and “The Imposer”, which won several awards, as well as many of his former works being nominated and shown on important film festivals. Stephen Kijak also worked together with many famous musicans,  such as The Rolling Stones and Backstreet Boys.

Source: Deadline

Posted: October 3rd, 2014

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