Toshi’s new single to be released in March


Toshi will release the new single “Gunjyo no Yugure” (meaning “ultramarine dusk”) on March 25th.

Apparently, the lyrics of the song express a challenge to a new life of a man who is approaching the final phase of life, comparing it to the scenery of the mountains turning ultramarine and the reddened sky at dusk in Hokkaido, and Toshi sang it identifying his own life with it.

The CD will also contain “Mirai wo EYE shiteru”, originally released last June, and will be accompanied with a DVD containing “made in HEAVEN” recorded at the live show held at Zepp DiverCity last August.

You can preorder it on Amazon, Rakuten, 7net and other places.

Source: Toshl Official Website

Posted: January 22nd, 2015

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ToshI collaboration with sukekiyo


On February 4th, sukekiyo’s new mini-album “VITIUM” will be released. The song “雨上がりの優詩 -ameagari no yuushi-” shows the joint work of ToshI and sukekiyo and is included on the  second disc (limited edition only), which will consist of re-mixes of the band’s older songs, as well as collaborations with other artists, such as Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) and actor Hiroshi Mikami.

sukekiyo started 2013 as a side-project of vocalist Kyo (Dir en Grey). The band consists of guitarist and pianist TAKUMI (Rentrer en Soi), guitarist UTA (9Goats Black Out), bassist YUCHI (Kannivalism) and drummer MIKA(Rentrer en Soi) and already toured Japan and Europe.

Source: Sukekiyo OHP

Posted: January 16th, 2015

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Toshi’s book picked for “selected books” and upcoming Chinese publication


In his year-end message on Facebook, Toshi mentioned that his book “Brainwashed – My Comeback from 12 Years of Hell” was picked for “selected books” by Japan Library Association and would be housed in libraries throughout Japan. In addition, it was decided that the book will be translated into Chinese and published in Chinese-speaking counties by a major Taiwanese publisher. He also said at the dinner show last month that the book would probably be published in English, so the day you can read the whole book in English might be coming soon! (If you haven’t read about the content of the book yet, please have a look at the summary we wrote – Toshi’s way through brainwashing and back.)

Source: Toshl Official Facebook

Posted: January 2nd, 2015

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