X JAPAN @ Lunatic Fest – Setlist


Party time at Lunatic Fest! The amazing line-up of day 1 certainly rocked the stage! There were a bunch of surprise appearances throughout the day, for example Pata joining Tokyo Yankees or Sugizo showing up with his violin during Dir en Grey’s performance. The night also ended with a special Muteki style band, uniting tonights artists on stage – Yoshiki brought along hides guitar as a tribute to him. :)

There was also an interview with the band afterwards – but unfortuntely they didn’t share any news. :P

• Miracle
• Jade
• Rusty Nail
• Kurenai
• Kiss the Sky (recording the audience’ vocals for the new album)
• Endless Rain
• Born to be free
• X

Posted: June 27th, 2015

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Yoshiki & ToshI showcase at Hyper Japan


And yet even more news! Yoshiki and Toshi will perform a special unplugged performance at Hyper Japan (London) on July 11th from 3:45 pm! The concert venue has a capacity 2,700 and there will be an additional X JAPAN booth at the convention, which will feature Yoshiki’s famous crystal drum set, as well as as a opportunity to purchase X Japan merchandise.

They will also make an announcement for Europe around that time – we are excited! :D

More information about their appearance at Hyper Japan

Posted: June 23rd, 2015

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YOSHIKI at Japan Expo on July 4th – with a special announcement!


Okay, after weeks and weeks of hinting and teasing, it was finally announced that Yoshiki’s long awaited announcement will take place on July 4th at Japan Expo (Paris, France). He’ll be on stage as a special guest during the finals of the European Cosplay Gathering at 2:15 pm!

If you want to see the announcement in person, please check out the Japan Expo Official Website!

Here’s also a video message from Yoshiki – including a snippet of X JAPAN’s new song “Kiss the sky”!


Posted: June 22nd, 2015

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Lunatic Fest. live broadcast on Nico Nico!


YES!! The Lunatic Fest. will be broadcasted live on Nico Nico! There will be a 33-hours Lunatic Fest. special, starting with the first band on 27th at 10:30am. There will also be special interviews with the participating bands as well as reports from the venue. Between the live streamings, music videos and other footage of the bands will be shown. Unfortunately, parts of the 33-hours special will be for paying members only, but at about 4$/€ a month, it’s worth considering it.

On June 27th  X JAPAN’s appearance will be from 5:35 pm. LUNA SEA’s will be from 7:05 pm and 7:00 pm the next day.

June 27th
10:30 am Live from the festival
9:00 pm Various music videos of participating bands
June 28th
10:30 am Live from the festival
7:00 pm LUNA SEA live on stage (only first song)
7:10 pm End of broadcast

Lunatic fest schedule
Source: Niconico, LUNA SEA Inc.

Posted: June 15th, 2015

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Additional Yoshiki solo show “Breakfast with Yoshiki”


The Evening with Yoshiki event was sold out so fast that an additional show was added between the evening shows!
It’s called „Breakfast with Yoshiki“ and despite the name it will take place at noon on August 15th. The location will be the same, at Grand Hyatt Hotel Tokyo.

• Date: August 15 (Sat)
• Open: 11:00
• Dinner Start: 12:00
• Show Start: 13:00
• Venue: Grand Hyatt Tokyo
• Ticket: 74,600 yen
Source: YOSHIKI mobile

Posted: June 11th, 2015

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