X JAPAN Travel Packages for #XDAY


You want to attend X JAPAN’s special #XDAY concert but don’t have time or patience to look up flights and hotels? This might be what you’re looking for!

There will be special travel packages for fans from Europe, as well as from Japan and other locations.Packages include transport, hotel, optional concert tickets (in case you already bought yours) and a special fan meeting with Yoshiki the day after the show.

Additionally, VIP Packages from Live Nation will be available at a later date, so keep your eyes open for those, too!
Please check out the websites for each region to find out more!

#XDAY Tour Package from Europe
#XDAY Tour Package from Japan
#XDAY Tour Package from other countries

Source: Official X JAPAN Press Release

Posted: August 20th, 2015

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What will be X JAPAN’s new Single?


X JAPAN’s new single will be released on October 23rd. However, it’s yet unknown what song it will be. Since it’s the first single release of their new album and the first after Jade in 2011, it certainly will have to make some impact!

So, what is your guess? What will be X Japan’s new single?

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Let us know why you think so in the comments!

Posted: August 20th, 2015

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X JAPAN Japan Tour December 2015


At the press conference today, Yoshiki announced the first X JAPAN Japan Tour since Dahlia Tour!! We’ll keep it short, here are the dates:

X JAPAN Japan Tour 2015

December 2nd+3rd+4th Tokyo, Yokohama Arena
December 7th Osaka, Osaka-jo Hall
December 9th Fukuoka, Marine Messe Fukuoka
December 11th Hiroshima, Hiroshima Green Arena
December 14th Nagoya, Nippon Gaishi Hall

There will be a new Single release on October 23th!

Posted: August 19th, 2015

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X Japan Press Conference live stream on Nico Nico


X JAPAN’s Press Conference today will be livestreamed on Nico Nico in less than one hour (2pm Japan Time)!

Yoshiki will make an announcement on behalf of the band. Later, at 5pm, Yoshiki will give an interview which will be exclusive to Nico Nico Premium Members (available to foreigners) and Yoshiki Channel Members (Japan Only).

Click here to watch the Live Stream!


  • 12:50  [Music Video] X JAPAN Showcase in L.A. Premium Prototype
  • 14:00 [Live] X JAPAN Urgent Press Conference
  • 15:00 [Music Video] X JAPAN CLIPS Ⅱ
  • 17:00 [Live] YOSHIKI Live Interview*

*Nico Nico Premium Member and Yoshiki Channel Members only.

Source: Official Press Release

Posted: August 19th, 2015

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hide holographic live show to be performed


A new holographic theater “DMM VR THEATER” will open in Yokohama in September. As an opening event for it, a live holographic show “hide crystal project presents RADIOSITY” will be screened.

Before it starts to be screened in October, a premium advance event called “hide crystal project presents RADIOSITY -prologue-” including a limited documentary film will be held from September 11 to 27.

The pre-order sale for members of hide-city, JETS and hide mobile-city starts today August 14th.


hide crystal project presents RADIOSITY -prologue-

  • Date: September 11th – 27th
  • Price: 5,000 yen (Extra 500 yen for a drink will be charged)
  • Running time: 60 minutes (Live & Limited documentary film)


Pre-order sale for members of hide-city, JETS and hide mobile-city

  • More Information
  • Entry: August 14th, 12:00 – August 19th, 23:59
  • Announcement of lottery winner & Payment: August 22nd, 15:00 – August 25th, 23:00

Source: hide “RADIOSITY” official website

Posted: August 14th, 2015


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