ToshI feat. YOSHIKI Dinner Concert Updates


As we reported a few weeks ago, ToshI feat. YOSHIKI will hold an exclusive Dinner Concert together with famous chef Mikuni Kiyomi in Tokyo on January 24th and 25th

More details have become known since then, among others that only 2000 guests will be accepted for the event and tickets for this highly exclusive evening will range from 45.000Yen to 100.000Yen. (That equals about 400€-900€ or 530$-1200$) Accompanied by a 30-member orchestra, they will perform songs of ToshI’s “Bushi Japan” album, as well as the new “ToshI feat. YOSHIKI” songs like “Crystal Piano no kimi” and X JAPAN’s ballads. For the first time, they will also do a duet with both of them playing a crystal piano.

Around the same time, they plan to release “Crystal Piano no Kimi” and “Aisuru hito yo”, which was originally written by YOSHIKI for a TV movie and sung by Masafumi Akigawa.

Source: Sanspo, BARKS

Posted: December 2nd, 2010

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