TOSHI leaving Home of Hearts and ceasing all solo activities


After the first rumors showed up on Saturday, TOSHI wrote a long post on his MIXI Blog and additionally gave a press conference together with his lawyers Hiroyuki Kawai and Yukari Maruta from the Sakura Kyodo Law Offices today (January 18th) in Tokyo, announcing his break from Home of Hearts Ltd. (HoH), his agency, a subsidiary of Healing World Ltd. (HW).

He explained that his work for HoH caused him physical and mental illness and also heavy financial problems. All his income, except for basic living expenses, have gone to his wife Kaori Moritani, HoH or HW. Loans have also been taken out on his name, putting him in debt for more than 100 million yen (more than $1,000,000 or €700,000) thus forcing him to declare bankruptcy. He said he came to the realization that he was being blatantly used by his (former) producer MASAYA, after he had time to think during his illness late last year. “What I have actually been living on has been the help of friends, people I knew who have helped me out. Even now, when I got sick, I could only rely on help from friends,” he said.

Due to his departure, he will cease all solo projects, including TOSHI with T-EARTH, but before that a farewell (sayonara) concert, produced by YOSHIKI, is planned. From now on, he will concentrate on his work with X JAPAN.

Furthermore, he said that has filed for a divorce from his wife and duet partner Kaori Moritani (stage name WANKU) who also works under the Healing World label, with whom he’s been living separated from, for the last 10 years already, despite of being formally married since 1997.

We hope TOSHI will be able to get over this crisis soon!

Sources: TOSHI’s MIXI blog,, Oricon, Nikkansports, etc

Posted: January 18th, 2010

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