Sugizo recent activities and plans


As usual, Sugizo is doing as much as the rest of X all together. ;)

Some weeks ago, he went to Jordan to visit refugee camps there. As we know, Sugizo has been interested in anti-war and environmental awareness issues for years already. He posted pictures and a blog post (in English) about this experience there, please check it out.

This weekend he will appear at Earth Day, which takes place at a special stage in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. Since this is an event to raise awareness, there is no entry fee and everyone can drop. The event won’t be canceled in case of rain. He’ll be on stage with Satou Taiji, SEALDs and T-nsSOWL on Sunday, April 24th at 4:30pm.

It’s been revealed that Sugizo will take part at Legend Symphony vol1. hide on the violin. The Event takes place on May 13th and 14th.

One week later, on May 20th, he will take part at jazz guitarist Kazumi Watanabe’s concert to celebrate the 45th anniversary of his musical career. The concert named “Guitar is Beautiful Special” will be joined by more than 10 guitarists.

On June 9th, there will be a two-man concert with Sugizo and Inoran at Akasaka Blitz. “Sugizo vs. Inoran” will be the perfect event for Luna Sea fans until their next concert, which will only take place around Christmas. The two Luna Sea concerts titled “The Holy Night -Beyond the Limit-” will take place on December 23rd and 24th in Saitama!



Posted: April 23rd, 2016


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