ToshI Message Live in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government – November 27th 2011

In recognition of his charity activities, ToshI was invited to perform an event held by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the relevant organizations as a part of the drug abuse prevention campaign.

Surrounded by skyscrapers blocking the sunlight, it was quite cold in the Citizen’s Plaza – that is located on the site of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, even though the weather forecast said that it would be warm. There were only a few people when I got there in the early morning, but the queue gradually became longer as time passed.

Around noon, the rehearsal started and people who were there were luckily allowed to see it from a distance, which greatly pleased them. Once ToshI appeared on the stage, everyone shouted his name and waved their hands, so he glanced at them and gave a slight nod. During the 1-hour rehearsal, he partially checked five songs giving instructions to the staff, and fans were excited at the rare experience to see such scenes. Listening to his singing voice in good condition and part of the new songs, fans’ expectation became higher and higher.

As scheduled, the event started at 13:30. The first part was a ceremony including addresses by the organizers and guests from the relevant organizations, prize-giving to award winners of relevant contests, and others. In the second part, high school students performed a play to appeal for prevention of drug abuse.

After about a 20-minute interval, the concert finally started around 15:30. ToshI in a black suit and a white shirt with a white scarf appeared from stage left, and an audience of 2.000 people welcomed him with great applause and cheers.

At first, ToshI sang “Haru no Negai” playing the piano accompanied by orchestra. His gentle and warm voice echoed around the plaza, embracing the fans with a comfortable feeling of a spring breeze amidst the winter cold. He talked about the background that made him create this song and about his charity activities that he donated to the earthquake-stricken area in Japan and the flood-ravaged area in Thailand.

Then, a pianist joined and took over playing the piano, and ToshI sang “Airport” and “Hoshizora no Neptune”. His beautiful, transparent singing voice glittering like crystals was so amazing that I forgot the cold, so it must have surely fascinated and moved his fans as well as other people involved in the event.

When I was wiping the tears, ToshI prompted the audience to stand up as usual for the next song “Samurai Japan”. I’m not sure what people except his fans were doing, but at least his fans shouted and waved their fists up in the air as they usually do for this song.

The next was one of his new songs “Koko ni Ikiru” that was made for the Metropolitan Police Department who cooperated for the event. It was like a march played by a brass band, and its melody and lyrics were really positive and encouraging. ToshI’s singing voice was filled with exhilaration, which made me feel that he was actually in such a state of mind, so I was very happy indeed. He saluted like a police officer at the end of the song, which greatly amused and pleased his fans. While talking about this song, he said “I experienced ups and downs in my life…” and “Why are you guys laughing? Do you know anything?” looking at the audience, which made people laugh more.

The last song was the other new song called “SAY I LOVE YOU”, a really beautiful, touching love ballad. The high school students who performed the play came to the stage, and sang together. ToshI’s sweet, adoring voice touched my heartstrings, and filled me with warm feelings. I was captivated by his singing and riveted so completely that I couldn’t even make one simple move, though people were swinging their arms right and left to the rhythm as ToshI was doing.

Throughout the entire show, ToshI smiled a lot and seemed to be having so much fun. He was emanating a warm, gentle aura all the time, and his fans lovingly cheered for him and gave him warm applause, so the plaza was filled with warmth of affection toward each other despite the cold weather. Both of the two new songs are really positive; differently from many of his existing songs released in the last few years that are associated with agonies and sorrows in his past or his hostility toward enemies, which made me feel that he has been going forward steadily, so I was truly glad. Even though it was just a 1-hour show, this concert was extremely impressive, and gave us fans really unforgettable, valuable memories.

Written by: Max
Edited by: Jonny

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