X JAPAN in Korea – October 28th 2011

On October 28th, X JAPAN’s Asian tour kicked off in Seoul, Korea. It must have been a long-awaited moment for Korean fans, one that they’ve been dreaming of for a long time, because the band had previously cancelled their planned concerts in the past.

The venue was the Olympic Gymnasium No.1 located in Olympic Park which is a very huge park that was constructed for Summer Olympic Games in 1988. Not only the merchandise booth but also a photo exhibition booth operated by a Korean fan club was set up in front of the gym, which entertained people hanging around there before the concert.

The entrance was delayed for more than an hour, so people waited outside in the cold. Leaked sound from the rehearsal indoors acted as a motivator for the patient crowd. Nevertheless, the doors finally opened at around 19:00, and after another hour’s wait, the show started at 20:00.

Once YOSHIKI appeared and stood on the stool while the opening song was played, people suddenly went crazy with screams of joy and wildly rushed forward. They became even more excited when the band started to play “JADE”, and their enthusiasm became greater and greater as the show went on. People sang all the songs together with ToshI regardless of whether the lyrics were in Japanese or English.

YOSHIKI played a Korean folk song “Arirang” as a part of his piano solo, which pleased Korean fans, and they sang together along to his piano. Besides that, at the beginning of the encore, YOSHIKI appeared wearing the traditional Korean dress Chimachogori, which further prompted scenes of frenzy and excitement.

Before playing “ENDLESS RAIN”, YOSHIKI said that they’d wanted to come to Korea from a long time ago and he’d talked with HIDE about performing there. In addition, he thanked people for their support for Japan stricken by the earthquake.

The show ended with “ART OF LIFE”, but people didn’t leave there and were calling for another encore enthusiastically even after the band members walked away and the stage became dark.

I’m sure that X JAPAN’s first performance in Korea succeeded beyond local fans’ expectations, and they got off to a great start for their Asian tour.

Written by: Max
Edited by: Jonny

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