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Hello dear X Fans,
we know it’s been months since we last posted something, but don’t worry, we’re still here and ready to go whenever something interesting happens in the X JAPAN universe.

Here’s a small overview of what all the X Japan members have been up to spring and summer 2012 – and what’s already announced for the future.



End of May he went to Hong Kong to unveil his Wax Figure at Madam Tussauds there.

Since then, according to his Twitter and Facebook posts, he’s been splitting his time between the hospital and recording Studio. Apparently he’s working on X JAPAN’s next album and Violet UK Songs.

“Sorry I’ve been dead to the world.. I’ve been recording day and night without taking any breaks. I think I’m creating some kind of masterpiece right now!” – YOSHIKI, August 18th



He had been successfully touring Japan with Ra:IN and you can find some pictures of the concerts on their Facebook Page.

As last year, they are also performing at the annual Yokohama Summer Rock Fes. “Revolution Rocks”, which will take place on September 2nd at Shin-Yamashita Bay Hall in Yokohama. A few bands attending should sound familiar to those familiar with the good old Extasy Summits in the 90ies:

Ladies Room, Tokyo Yankees, Der Zibet (with singer Issay)

There will be a live broadcast of the festival on!



As usually, SUGIZO is busy with tons of projects at once.

In Spring he was on Stage in a Theater Play called 7 DOORS where he acted as Duke Bluebeard and was also in charge of the musical direction. You can get the soundtrack here.

In June he released the single Blackout (feat. Sugizo, Tezya) with Sine6, which you can find on iTunes.

Last month he attended a couple of Festivals with JUNO REACTOR – Kubana Festival (Russia) on August 3rd and Ozora Festival (Hungary).

A DVD of his solo concert held last year will be released on September 26th, you can preorder it here.

On September 17th he’ll do a solo concert called ASCENSION to The CONSCIENTIA, taking place at Asakusa BLITZ in Tokyo.

Finally LUNA SEA also have a Japan Tour for the turn of the year:
Starting with a Japan-wide Tour, passing by in Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Sendai and of course Tokyo.
Details will follow in a seperate post.

Posted: September 2nd, 2012

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SUGIZO set for theatrical performance next Spring


There’s no doubt that SUGIZO’s interest in arts is wide and ranging, and next Spring you will be able to see him perform in a different light.

“7 DOORS – Duke Bluebeard’s Castle”, a play based on an opera composed by a Hungarian classical composer Béla Bartók, will be performed in Tokyo and Osaka from March to April, 2012. SUGIZO will take part in it not only as a music producer but also as an actor for the role of Bluebeard who lives in a castle with mysterious seven doors, and whom the heroine Judith gets married to.

For further details concerning the play, please visit the official website: 7 DOORS’ official website.

Ticket details can be found below:

[Tokyo performance]
– Schedule: March 16 – April 1, 2012
– Venue: The Globe Tokyo
– Ticket price: S: 9,500 yen / A: 8,000 yen

[Osaka performance]
– Schedule: April 4 and 5, 2012
– Venue: Morinomiya Piloti Hall
– Ticket price: 9,500 yen

[Ticket booking]
Ticket PIA (Special pre-order)
Ticket PIA (General purchase)
Lawson Ticket
CN Playguide

Theatrics aside, SUGIZO will also be participating in an event “Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World” that will be held in Yokohama. The conference brings together experts from around the world to discuss the issue of nuclear power in our world. SUGIZO will appear in a talk show and a music show on January 14.

Posted: December 30th, 2011

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