[April Fools Day Article] New X Japan branded Tissues going on sale


Apparently yesterday’s accouncement about X Japan’s US tour in summer and details about the album release aren’t all news yet. After Yoshikitty, Y Wine, Yoshikimono and many other products, X Japan are now also planning to take their spot in the tissue market with a new brand called “Dry your Tears with Love“, named after a line of their famous song “Tears“.

The idea came up when discussing the past of X Japan and all the drama surrounding the band before a screening of the “We are X” documentary that brings tears to the eyes of everyone watching it. Because of this, the first place you can get your hands on the limited exclusive first edition of the “Dry your Tears with Love” tissue boxes (pictured below) will be for the screenings of “We are X” at Japanese theaters from April 14th, for free with each ticket. The regular edition will hit all major convinience store chains throughout Japan starting on May 1st. Details will be released soon!

Dry your tears with love tissue box limited

Source: WeAreX.net

This is an April Fools’ Day Joke! None of these things are true. ;)

Posted: April 1st, 2017

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April Fools’ Day on Xplosion


Dear X Japan Fans,

We think most of you have already noticed by now, all the news we posted today are part of our „April Fools’ Day“ Special and therefore not true. So unfortunately the X JAPAN New Album & Japan Tour news, as well as the Yoshiki vs. Yoshikitty and the ToshI with Queen news were completely invented by us and won’t happen. Even though we have to say that we would love to see them happen!

As for the new album and tour news, we are inviting X JAPAN to copy&paste them on their website and make this wish come true!!!

We hope you were not too angry about our April Fools’ day joke but had a good time trying to fool your friends as well!

Let’s hope we’ll get some real news soon!


Here are our April Fools’ News posts, enjoy… ;)

New X JAPAN Album “SURVIVE” and Japan Tour
Yoshiki vs. Yoshikitty piano battle at Puroland
ToshI joins Queen for live shows!
Poll: What do you think is the most shocking secret of X Japan?

親愛なるX JAPANファンのみなさん

ほとんどの方はもうお気づきだと思いますが、私た ちが今日投稿したすべてのニュースは、私たちの「エイプリルフール特別企画」で、真実ではありません。残念ながらX JAPANのニューアルバム&ジャパンツアーのニュースも、YOSHIKI vs Yoshikitty、そしてToshlとQueenのニュースも、完全に私たちの創作で、実際に起こるものではありません。ぜひとも実現するのを見てみ たいと言わずにはいられませんが!

ニューアルバムとツアーのニュースについては、私たちはX JAPANに、彼らのウェブサイトにそれらをコピー&ペーストして、この願いを叶えてくれるよう勧めています!!



Posted: April 1st, 2015

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[April Fools Day Article] New X JAPAN Album “SURVIVE” and Japan Tour


Huge surprise!! X Fans are used to long waits and announcements appearing out of nowhere – but this time the news we had awaited for years had been announced!

Eventually, both the New X JAPAN Album and dates for the Japan Tour have been revealed!!

The new album will be named „SURVIVE“, like one of the songs on the tracklist and will be released globally via iTunes on August 10th. There will be a physical release as well, in a couple of different editions, e.g. a Japan-only and overseas version. Apparently, there will also be a special limited edition of just 2000 copies, but details have yet to be announced.

More details will be released during an announcement on May 21th, 6pm (JST) which will be livestreamed on Yoshiki’s Ustream account!

There is also a message from Yoshiki:
Dear fans, I am terribly sorry for letting all of your wait for so long. Ever since 2010, we have been struggling to put together a new X JAPAN album which will blow your mind. You know that we’ve been through a lot and had to overcome several difficulties. However, finally we made it and you will be able to listen to our new album “SURVIVE” soon!! Additionally there will be a Japan-wide tour, followed by another world tour. I can’t wait to see all of you again!
We have survied all that and we will never give up! Nothing is impossible!
Thank you for your endless support, we love you all!!!

X JAPAN New Album
August 10th 2015

• The Last Song – Chapter II
• Jade
• Beneath the Skin
• Hero (X JAPAN Rock Version)
• Kurenai (English Version)
• Scarlet Love Song
• Rusty Nail (English Version)
• Born to be free
• Without You
• I.V.
• Miracle
• Survive
Bonus Disc: Art of Life – Extended Special Version 73:15 min (Special Edition Album only)

X JAPAN Japan Tour „全身全霊“ („Zenshin Zenrei“ means „With whole body and soul“)
• Fukuoka – Fukuoka Yafuoku Dome
August 22th 2015
• Osaka – Kyocera Dome Osaka
August 29th 2015
• Nagoya – Nagoya Dome
September 7th 2015 2015
• Sapporo – Sapporo Dome
September 11th 2015

Tour Final at TOKYO DOME 2-Days
„Night of Frustration“
September 19th 2015
„Night of Determination“
September 20th 2015


This is an April Fools’ Day Joke! None of these things are true. ;)


[April Fools Day Article] ToshI joins Queen for live shows!


ToshI will partake in the upcoming  Queen + Adam Lambert World Tour this June.

The legendary rock band will soon announce another round of concerts world-wide, including several concerts in South-East Asia in the middle of 2015. It has leaked that ToshI will join Queen on stage for three concerts in Japan – Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Queen has already confirmed one show in Rio de Janiero for November 18th 2015, at the Rock in Rio music festival.

The band has recently concluded a world tour in 2014-15, where they held 61 concerts total, including two in Japan – Osaka on August 16th and Tokyo on August 17th.

This will not be the first time for ToshI to collaborate with members of the band: In 1994 he and Yoshiki worked together with Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor for the Great Music Experience project, backed by UNESCO.


This is an April Fools’ Day Joke! None of these things are true. ;)

[April Fools Day Article] Yoshiki vs. Yoshikitty piano battle at Puroland


After the enormous success and the attention Yoshiki gained around the world for his piano battle with a holographic version of himself at the SXSW Festival private event of the FLAUNT Magazine in Austin,Texas last year, he now decided to have another battle. This time he wants to play against the hologram of Yoshikitty.

The event should take place on May 15th in Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo, where he already appeared at the parade last November.  This is just the start for more special appearences of Yoshiki and the other band members to promote the upcoming X Japan Japan-wide tour. Further details will be announced soon and more information regarding the Tour can be found here.


This is an April Fools’ Day Joke! None of these things are true. ;)

Posted: April 1st, 2015

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