Wembley fan meeting on XDAY


Already one week has passed since the X JAPAN fan meeting at Wembley on the original XDAY on March 12th, 2016.

First of all we want the thank all the wonderful people who joined us and came together for the fan meeting!! It was great to meet lots of other X fans from so many countries during that day! We had an awesome time and we hope all of you did as well.




The day started with a meeting in front of Wembley SSE Arena at 11 a.m. when the first fans arrived. Soon, more and more fans joined our group and we had a great time chatting, meeting old and new friends and taking photos.

Abandoned X Fans crying at Wembley/London, March 12,2016

Abandoned X Fans crying at Wembley/London, March 12,2016

In the afternooon, our meetup group split up and some went to look for lunch or go shopping, while others joined the X JAPAN UK Street Team for a special “Yoshiki Version” sightseeing tour where they visited places Yoshiki took photos he posted on several social media platforms. But also passing by SSE Arena, we could meet other fans at pretty much any time that day.

More people joined us in the evening – because they just arrived that day or did some London sightseeing and shopping on their own. At approx. 7 p.m. we gathered at The Pipeline, an independent rock bar in East London, where the charity event Origami: A Charity Gig presented by Peko Peko took place. It was organized for the Tohoku region that was affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami on March 11th 2011 and all donations and money collected on this evening will go to Aoba-gakuen, an orphanage in Fukushima. It was a great evening with Japanese food and live music. On stage Les Inconnus, Selina, The Picaresque and Esprit D’Air.

Foto 21.03.16 21 23 50

We were very lucky to have the opportunity to go to this event as an alternative to the postponed X JAPAN Wembley concert. So many X fans took over the venue chatting, taking even more photos and sang Born to be free at the end of the evening, when the DJ played that song!


Orphanage Aoba-gakuen: http://www.kosodate-web.com/aobagakuen/index.php

The Pipeline: www.thepipelinebar.co.uk

Origami: A Charity Gig: www.facebook.com/events/555283681307970/

Many thanks to the photographers Keiko, Nage, Astrid and Becky

Posted: March 20th, 2016

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X JAPAN at Madison Square Garden – Information Overview


X JAPAN’s concert at Madison Square Garden is steadily approaching – and to make things a bit easier for those who are able to attend, we created an overview for whatever might be interesting.

On one hand that’s information about the official Street#TeamYoshiki’s activities and how you can help promoting the show, but we also gathered information about contests to win free tickets or about the latest fan projects!

We will add new information as it appears, so please keep your eyes on it. ;)

Click here to find out more about X JAPAN’s concert at Madison Square Garden!

Posted: September 16th, 2014

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Yoshiki at Japan Expo – Fan Projects


So Yoshiki is coming to Japan Expo – and isn’t that the perfect chance to show him our appreciation? :)

Here is what Street#TeamYoshiki says!

“We’re looking for fans to come together and create their own group projects to show LOVE to YOSHIKI during his Japan Expo visit!
YOSHIKI and X JAPAN fans are the #1 in the WORLD and we want your help to show all the Japan Expo attendees the energy and excitement of YOSHIKI’s music.

Please contact your friends and fellow fans and put your heads together for what you can create in time for YOSHIKI’s visit.
It doesn’t have to be high-budget or super-rehearsed — it can be something visual or musical, but we want YOSHIKI fans to make a POSITIVE IMPACT in celebration!

It’s a great time to show YOSHIKI the CREATIVITY and PASSION that his music has INSPIRED in all of us!
We’re really looking forward to your ideas!


Posted: July 3rd, 2014

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Project: Scrapbook for Yoshiki (Berlin)


Yoshiki’s tour kicked of in Costa Mesa today and it’s only less than a month till the concert in Berlin. Just the perfect time to announce the fan project we organized together with the X Japan German Street Team!



Posted: April 26th, 2014

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Yoshiki Classical Berlin Guide


You aren’t sure whether to go to Yoshiki Classical in Berlin or not? Or you already have tickets but don’t know where to stay or what else to do in Berlin?

In cooperation with the X Japan German Street Team we put together a Berlin guide including suggetions on how to get there, where to stay and how to spend your time, no matter if you are into music, Japan or just want to see some new things.

Check out the guide by clicking on the picture below – and we hope to see you in Berlin!! :)


Posted: March 23rd, 2014

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