Wembley concert and album postponed – or not?????????


As you may already know, a lot of rumours have been around since the end of last week. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but confusion among the fans is spreading. Will the album that was scheduled for March 11th be postponed? And what about XDAY, the album release concert and film premiere of “We Are X” on March 12th at Wembley Arena? Will there be a concert without the album?

Here are the facts

The website hollywoodreporter.com published a news article about the “We Are X” documentary premiere at Sundance Filmfestival.

X Japan will release its first new studio album in 20 years this fall. The Wembley show, originally slated for March 12, in conjunction with a screening of We Are X, has been moved to the fall in order to give Pata, the band’s guitarist, time to fully recover from a blood clot.” (quote from “The Hollywood Reporter”)

Shortly after being published, the article was edited to just mention that the album will be out in fall. This is also written in some other articles about the documentary at Sundance Filmfestival since then.

Their latest album, their first to be sung completely in English, is scheduled to be released later this year with a yet-to-be-determined label.” – Variety

The latest show of Ra:IN, another band that Pata is part of, had to be cancelled due to him being ill, but according to Yoshiki, Pata is already getting better, as he told a Japanese news website.

But what about XDAY? In the press releases up to January 20th, they always had a note saying that “The band will also perform live at SSE Wembley Arena in the U.K. for XDAY, immediately following a screening of their new documentary film ‘WE ARE X’ on March 12, 2016.” Since January 22th, this is gone. No more hint at the Wembley concert. However, ticket sales are still going on and the official websites still promote the XDAY event.

And what now?

All these information caused a lot of questions and confusion – especially among the fans who had already booked their tickets, flights and hotel for the Wembley concert in March. But at the moment we don’t know what will happen. During a recent live stream event on nico nico, Yoshiki said there will be an announcement after he talked to the other members. We hope Pata’s health will be better soon and that there will be an official clarification as soon as possible!

X Japan fans are used to postponements and cancelled events, but what do you think now? Are you still looking forward to the album? Are you willing to go to a Wembley show in fall instead of March? After all these years of waiting… will there ever be a new album?
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Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Variety, Sanspo

Posted: January 29th, 2016

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Ra:IN to headline Yokohama Summer Rock Fes.


This year will mark the 5th Anniversary of the Yokohama Summer Rock Fes. Revolution Rocks, which takes place on August 29th and 30th at the Yokohama Shinyamashita Bay Hall

Ra:IN will be headlining the first day, along with names such as Golden, Vorchaos, SLAVE SISTERS, VooDoo Hawaiians and many more.

The second day features the Revolution Rocks Special band – Shirota Kazuhide from Presence, Kota from Kaishin no Ichigeki and michiaki, Ryu and Pata from Ra:IN. Other performers include HAMEL, 8Ball, Shammon, CUTT and others.

According to PATA’s Facebook page, Ra:IN is currently recording, so hopefully we will soon see a new album from them!

You can find more information on the event’s website!

Posted: July 29th, 2015

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hide Birthday Party 2014 -50th Anniversary- to be streamed on niconico


On December 13, a live party to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hide’s birth will take place at CLUB CITTA’ in Kanagawa, at which musicians from various bands will play songs from hide’s solo work, X JAPAN, zilch, and others.
Pata, DIE, INA, Kiyoshi and Joe are only some of the Artists taking part in the event –  you can find the whole list here.

The show is being streamed live at venues in Tokyo and Osaka, a part of which is also being streamed on niconico and paying members will be offered more to watch.

hide Birthday Party 2014 -50th Anniversary-
Date: December 13 (Sat)
Time: Open 15:00 / Start 15:45

Live viewing in Tokyo
Date: December 13 (Sat)
Time: Open 15:00 / Start 15:45

Live viewing in Osaka
Date: December 13 (Sat)
Time: Open 15:00 / Start 15:45
Venue: Shinsai-bashi SUNHALL

Special Live Streaming on niconico
Date: December 13 (Sat)
Time: Open 17:00 / Start 17:10

Posted: December 9th, 2014

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Ra:IN playing at two events in November


Ra:IN will take part at the 14th anniversary celebrations of the 7th Heaven Koza Live Music & Bar in Koza (Okinawa) together with several other indie artists!

Additionally to Ra:IN playing a short set, the following artists will be playing at the pre-evening celebration, on November 14th:
8-Ball, George Murasaki (Murasaki), Akira Takasaki (Loudness), Anchang and Shingo☆ (Sex Machine Guns)
Pata (X JAPAN/Ra:IN), Michiaki (Ra:IN), Sakura (12 year old guitar newcomer), Rob (F.O.D.)

And this will be the line-up for the “7th Heaven Koza 14th Year Anniversary Special Live” on November 15th:
O.A. Sakura with SIRIUS, F.O.D., Sex Machine Guns, Akira Takasaki (Loudness) feat. 8-Ball, Ra:IN

More information on the venue’s website!

Posted: October 3rd, 2014

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Ra:IN announced as headliner of Yokohama Summer Rock Fes.


Ra:In are back in Japan and preparing for their performance at the 4th YOKOHAMA SUMMER ROCK FES. Revolution Rocks 2014 which will take place at Yokohama Shinyamashita Bayhall on 30th August 2014.

The line-up includes Ra:IN, Yamamoto Kouji (from BOWWOW), Kaishin no Ichigeki, CUTT, GEEKS, Vorchaos, GOLDEN, THE WAITS, HELL, SLAVE SISTERS, ZEDD and THE GAME.

More Information on the official website.

Posted: July 29th, 2014

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