Yoshiki Classical Asian Tour Summary


Tomorrow and the day after, Yoshiki Classical will reach the final concerts in Tokyo and Osaka. Time to wrap up his activities in Asia!

At each location, his fans had the chance to welcome him to their city.

He didn’t play Anniversary in China due to political reasons, but in Shanghai he performed “Shui Diao Ge Tou“, a traditional chinese melody and in Beijing “You and Me“, the Theme Song of the Olympics in Beijing 2008.

In Bangkok fans enjoyed singing along to “Duan Phen“, which is a traditional Thai folk song, that Yoshiki also played during the X Japan concert there in 2011.

Yoshiki arrived in Taipei some days earlier to visit Kiko’s Diner, a Sanrio-themed restaurant, and to hold a press conference the day before the concert, where he, as well as his vocalist and string players, were interviewed. At his concert he played “U Ia Hue“, a taiwanese folk song, for his audience.

New reports – X JAPAN in Korea and Taipei


The concert reports for both of X JAPAN’s shows in Taiwan and Korea are online! Our team member Max was present at both shows, we hope you enjoy reading as much as she enjoyed writing about it.

X JAPAN in Korea – October 28th 2011

X JAPAN in Taipei – November 6th 2011

Posted: December 6th, 2011

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X JAPAN in Taipei – Setlist & Pictures


With the Asian leg of X JAPAN’s world Tour slowly nearing it’s conclusion, the band played in Taipei on November 6th. The crowd were gifted a couple of Taiwanese folk songs, much to the delight of the Taiwanese audience. Here are some pictures!

Set List
• Intro
• Jade
• Rusty Nail (Japanese Version)
• Silent Jealousy (Japanese Version)
• Drain
• SUGIZO Violin Solo (Including “Xin Bu Liao Qing”)
• Kurenai (Japanese Version)
• Born To Be Free
• YOSHIKI Drum and Piano Solo (Including “Gao Shan Qing”)
• I.V.
• X
• Forever Love (Short Version)
• Endless Rain
• Art of Life (Second Part)
• Forever Love (SE)
• Tears (SE)

Posted: November 7th, 2011

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